The East Baton Rouge Stormwater Master Plan (SMP) and 20-Year Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan seek to identify flood-related risks, vulnerabilities and recommend prioritized capital improvements to mitigate or reverse those risks.

In August of 2016, the City of Baton Rouge and the Parish of East Baton Rouge experienced widespread flooding which brought to light the current challenges regarding existing stormwater and how it is managed. This event highlighted issues with conveyance systems, development and drainage ordinances and their impact on the overall stormwater management in the Parish. In order to address these issues, the Parish has adopted a phased approach to the development of the Stormwater Master Plan.

Plan a stormwater system that accounts for a changing climate
Develop a plan that has minimal local and regional negative impact
Develop and maintain stormwater infrastructure
Identify hazards, develop a technical plan that reduces flood risks and avoids detrimental downstream impacts
The reduction of flood risk for the residents of East Baton Rouge Parish has been a chief focus of my administration. Upon taking office in 2017, I worked to secure funding for the development of the East Baton Rouge Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan. This plan will analyze the effects of increased rainfall on the city-parish’s drainage systems and focus on future development. In time, we will have data to provide an understanding and framework on how best to prepare for the development of land, structures and the flow of water.

The floods of 2016 and heavy rainfall events have proven the need for a comprehensive plan to address our flood risks and vulnerabilities. The program team brings a wealth of experience and are working with a host of partners to ensure the success of this effort. In addition to those partners, citizens, business owners, governmental agencies and community organizations will have an opportunity to engage in this planning process. This effort not only seeks to understand our current status but takes a comprehensive approach to plan for our future, moving our parish forward in terms of asset management and informed decision making to reduce risk.

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