Implementation Framework

(completed and available for viewing)


Watershed Evaluation & Stormwater Master Plan Recommendations


Development of 20-Year Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

The Stormwater Master Plan will be developed in three phases. Each phase includes numerous activities. 

PHASE 1: Implementation Framework
This phase, now complete, included many activities and resulted in the development of the Implementation Framework that provided the summary of initial work and detailed the next steps to be completed in Phases 2 and 3. 

  • Developed a regional model
  • Conducted a visioning workshop with key Parish staff
  • Completed a preliminary risk analyses
  • Completed applications for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
  • Drafted Stormwater Master Plan Implementation Framework document 


PHASE 2: Watershed Evaluation & Stormwater Master Plan Recommendations
This phase continues the work performed in Phase 1 evaluating each of the parish’s 11 watersheds to determine flood risks and mitigation, engaging the public, reviewing ordinances and drafting the Stormwater Master Plan. Phase 2 consists of the following activities 

  • Data collection & organization to understand the current stormwater systems: Performing channel and subsurface drainage system surveys, and obtaining the LiDAR data necessary for refining hydraulic models  
  • Public outreach and agency coordination: Develop a Public Engagement Plan for communications with stakeholders and partners
  • Assessing the hazards: Development of hydraulic models for existing and future conditions to determine the extents and causes of flooding
  • Assessing the problems that result from the hazards: Identification of buildings and infrastructure impacted by flooding and their relative risk from existing and future conditions
  • Coordination with the parish and key stakeholders to establish criteria, guidance, and ordinances for addressing and reducing existing and potential future levels of flooding risk
  • Development of activities to mitigate the hazards: Concept level engineering to determine projects for flood risk reduction in areas with significant numbers of homes, businesses and infrastructure as well as update ordinances/regulations for future development
  • Draft Stormwater Master Plan


PHASE 3: Development of 20-Year Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
This final phase will combine all information from the various phases into one comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan document. 

  • Development and adoption of final Stormwater Master Plan action plan: Specific informed recommendations for ordinance and regulation changes, a prioritized list of projects to address current and/or anticipated future flooding risks, and a maintenance plan strategy.
  • 20-Year Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan will be developed that will take the list of projects determined during the development of the Stormwater Master Plan and prioritize them based on predetermined criteria, including a funding and financing plan. 

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